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What are the Advantages of Sheep Casings?

Sheep Casings are the finest quality small diameter casings used for finest in sausages such as Frankfurters, Bockwurst, and Port Sausage. Sheep casings combine tenderness with enough strength to withstand the cooking, filling, and smoking operations. Here are the major advantages of sheep casings, which are not attained with artificial ones.


The natural sausage skin of the sheep casing allows it to remain fresh for a long time irrespective of whether the sausage is stowed or is being grilled. Its capability to produce and sustain heat assures that the sausage remains fresh and juicy for a long time. You also do not have to concern about the flavors getting lost over time as the natural sheep casings will help retain them efficiently. On the contrary, there is no need to add any extra flavors as the sheep casings have aromas of their own.


The natural sheep casings tend to render a more eye-catching and natural look to the sausages both during and after cooking. Also, the multi-size and pliability of these casings provide both manufacturers and buyers plenty of choices. The clientele tends to get more value for their investment as the casings can be optimally filled.

Easy to Chew

You surely do not like to bite into a synthetic casing that is hard on your teeth. The rigid and hard sensation which might actually put you off from relishing a sausage is thankfully absent in sheep casings. The sheep casings render you a soft and tender bite, and that, along with retained and well-blended flavors, is sure to leave a fantastic lingering taste in your mouth.

Variable Permeability

As with other collagens, sheep casings are blessed with variable permeability, which in turn permits uniform and even dispersion of smoke all through the sausage. The sausages with the sheep casings will be evenly cooked and beautifully done in a rapid time. The outcome of this characteristic is the tempting and consistent flavor of the sausage. Another significant benefit of variable permeability is that it assures that the smell of the sausage stays put.