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Explore Everything About Your Favorite Sausage Casings

Jun 14,2021

A sausage casing is basically the sausage skin that encloses the sausage or sausage fillings. Not only this, but these casings also maintain the sausages in a proper shape and also renders it an amazing aroma and taste. These casings are available in a huge variety depending upon the cooking style and where they are attained from. This article gives you ultimate guidance about these sausage casings, including how they are made, and if they are edible, their types, etc. First of all, let's discuss the three main types of these casings that also clear how they are attained and made. Natural Casings Natural casings are the most preferred type of sausage casings as they are obtained from natural sources. These casings are mainly obtained from the intestines of animals, including cows, pigs, sheep, etc. The salted sheep natural casing can render supreme flavor and appearance to the final cooked sausage product. Moreover, it also improves and balances the original juices, taste, and quality of the spices and meat. The smoke penetration with the natural casings becomes so perfect if you want to give your sausages a Smokey flavor. Features of Natural Casings The natural casings can be used to cover food items, including fresh sausages, frankfurters, wieners, dried fermented sausages, such as pepperoni, Italian sausages, bratwurst, breakfast links, s well as snack sticks, etc. They have the following features. 1. They can be made from different parts of the animal digestive system, like the small intestine, stomach, and large intestine. 2. The natural casings can even be made from the esophagus, bladder, and caecum. 3. The natural casings are expensive as compared to their alternatives in the market. 4. As compared to the other sausage casings, the natural sausage casings are also less resistant to breakage. 5. They shape the sausage very well. 6. The natural casings have the least uniformity. 7. These are edible as well as permeable to smoke. 8. They are known to yield the lowest amount of sausage. 9. The natural casings also have the least uniformity. How are the Natural Casings Made and Stored? The hog, sheep, pig, and cow casings are generally made from the submucosa, which is the largest collagen layer of the intestine, which is a coat of loose connective tissue underneath a mucous membrane. These natural casings are usually provided in a sealed sack covered with a moist salt solution. They can be utilized, and then the remaining can be resealed again in the same resealable sack for storage. This way, the sheep, cow, or hog casings can be stored for months now. State of the Natural Casings The state of the natural casings can be comprehended from the shape of the sausage. They are usually sporadically shaped as the intestines of the animals, including sheep, cows, hogs, pigs, etc., are scraped on the inside and out. When these casings are moist, they tend to be more porous and fragile. As soon as they are dried out, they become much more robust. This is why you would find these casings are dried when stored and traded at the store. Which Natural Casings are Easiest to Work With? Out of all other natural casings, which include delicate sheep casings, the hog sheep casing is considered the easiest to work with. They can make any sausage a good, big, and thick one. Before one gets their hand on these natural casings, they must be soaked in water from half an hour to almost one hour. In contrast to these thick sausage casings, the sheep casings are known to make a very delicate thin sausage. One should make sure not to overstuff in the sheep casing. The right stuffing would make your sausage more delicious and tempting Like the other casings, you would also soak the sheep sausage casings in water for at least half an hour before use. Making of the Natural Casings The casings of cow, sheep, hog intestines come in a salted brine. The steps for making of the natural casings are discussed below. 1. First, they must be soaked for at least an hour in clear and Luke warm water. 2. Make sure the user changes the water regularly to make these natural casings more pliable.  3. Next, flush casings to completely get rid of all the salt.  4. As soon as you eliminate all the salt from it, freeze it after opening.  5. This cool preservation would help to remove the unpleasant odors that naturally occur with fresh, natural casings.  6. These fresh casings will remain fresh on the shelf and in the freezer for at least 1 year or longer, but only if they are stored well in brine or in an airtight sack or container.  7. They can also be salted and then sealed in the sack.  8. The natural casings are usually fresh and edible and can be smoked, broiled, fried, or grilled.  Collagen Casings Collagen casings are another popular artificial casing for your sausages that are found from connective tissues, cartilages, and bones of these animals. Basically, they are made from the gelatinous substance of all mammals. A famous dessert, known as the gelatin dessert, is generally made of collagen casings. The collagen casings are the most purchased sausage casings in the USA. Features of the Collagen Casings The collagen casings are mainly used to case the dry sausages and can be recognized from its following features. 1. The collagen casings are generally obtained from the bovine hides. 2. Collagen casings are mostly edible but can also be non-edible. 3. Like the natural casings, the collagen casings are also permeable to smoke. 4. The collagen casings have this amazing ability to mold or shrink with the product. 5. The collagen casings can be purchased in an extensive variety of sizes and forms. 6. We can also say that the collagen casings are fragile and have poor abuse resistance. 7. The collagen casings have all the best characteristics of both natural and synthetic sausage casings. Collagen Casings Details The collagen casings are well-suited for different applications, and that can include grilling, freezing, deep fat frying, as well as oven cooking. These artificial casings are provided on a shirred stick. As it is mostly used for dry sausages, it is preferred to use vegetable oil in a minor quantity to help with the process. This extra addition of oil would leave a lasting sheen on the sausage, helps you with cooking, and would make the sausage look more tempting. There is no need to refrigerate the collagen sausage casings. Fibrous Casings Fibrous casings are another popular kind of casings for sausages. These are made from wood cellulose (usually paper). They are also known to permeate the protein. Fibrous casings are the hardest casings known. Moreover, they are also inedible. The fibrous casings are used where whether sausage or smoked meat is desired or a maximum uniformity is needed for the resultant product diameter. The uniformity of sausage stuffed in the sausage casings makes them perfect for slicing for pre-packaging. The fibrous casings do not need any refrigeration. Features of the Fibrous Casings The fibrous casings mainly used for the Frankfurt sausages have the following incredible features. 1. The fibrous sausage casings are basically made from artificial materials or the cellulose of these mammals. 2. These are known to be inedible. 3. Before packaging and retail, these casings are removed. 4. These are way easier to deal with as well as permeable to gases and smoke. 5. The fibrous casings are permeable in size and resistant to breakage.  

Do you know about sausage casings and how they are manufactured?

Feb 22,2021

Is It Safe To Consume Sausage Casings? In order to answer this question in a manner that will help you fully understand, we need to learn other things first. Do you know the basics of sausage casings and how they are manufactured? These casings are available in a cylindrical form and they prove quite helpful in allowing the sausage meat to stay fresh and full of flavors. Now, the natural ones are made using the submucosa which is basically obtained from the gastrointestinal area of the animals. After extraction, these are thoroughly washed and cleaned to get rid of any unpleasant elements. Different animals are used to make sausage casings that include sheep, hogs, cattle, etc. The prices of the casings are determined on the basis of dimensions, so the measurements during the production process need to be accurate. Let’s talk about different types of natural casings used across the world.  Salted Hog Casing As the name suggests, the raw materials for this one are taken out of the intestinal parts of hogs. These kinds of casings are more favorable for sausages with small diameters. You can utilize this packaging for both cooked and raw sausage meat without any difficulty. It should be noted that these casings are produced after undergoing multiple cleaning procedures and taking proper measurements. What’s important to understand is that pig casings are completely transparent allowing you to clearly see the sausage meat. They keep the eatables fresh while helping them retain their deliciousness for a sufficient amount of time.  Natural Sheep Casing Made from the intestines of sheep, this one is quite popularly used across the globe to fulfill commercial requirements. Sheep casings are available in a couple of colors like white and gray. Moreover, you can use these ones to keep pork sausage tender and fresh for a long period. It is safe to say that these are the smallest of all the natural casings produced. They are soaked in both hot and cold waters to eliminate all the undesirable odors and materials during the manufacturing process.  Let’s Answer The Primary Question  Coming back to the query, whether it is safe to eat natural casings or not, we can successfully arrive at a logical conclusion now. Since the casings are made using the intestines of various animals, you can eat them without worrying about any adverse effects on your health. However, it might not taste as good as you think. Some of the casings that are thin can be easily chewed and consumed, but that is not the case with the thick ones. Although the thick casings are edible as well, you might not enjoy eating them. It is advisable to take them off before frying the sausage, so you get to dine on the meat in a fulfilling manner. 

Getting Acquainted With the Packaging Part Of The Food Industry

Nov 11,2020

Everyone visits their local supermarkets or grocery stores to get food supplies. Have you ever wondered about the casings of the meat and sausages? The purpose of such packaging is to keep everything fresh for later consumption. Moreover, it keeps the meat from getting smelly and losing its nutrients that help human bodies function properly. 'Sibar' is a globally recognized company that primarily sells food casings to keep it efficiently oxygenated and free from any contamination. Moreover, their packaging is capable of increasing the shelf life of a product to a great extent. Gu'an County Longchang Casing Products Co., Ltd is a recently launched company directly linked with Sibar and deals with equal standardization. It aims to deliver increasingly versatile, accessible, and protective food casing to the buyers who wish to provide healthy food to their customers. Their packaging is manufactured with qualities like wrinkle-free and non-perishable.  Buying Ideal Food Casings From The Supplier  Do you know about the characteristics of commendable food packaging? It is vital to have such knowledge to invest your hard-earned money and expect favorable returns safely. The packaging should have lower oxygen permeability to help retain its natural color and proteins. Buying transparent casings that allow lights to pass through is not permitted as it encourages oxidation. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase colored or opaque films to keep the food fresh and nutritious. Similarly, experts suggest that evaporation should be prevented while storing products like meat, sausages, and chicken. All of these items have moisture and might lose their original weight due to evaporation. All the pouches, casings, containers, and pads should be able to prevent exposure to harmful environmental conditions. Such considerations are essential not just for successful purchasing decisions but also for the health of the consumers.   

What are the Advantages of Sheep Casings?

Nov 11,2020

Sheep Casings are the finest quality small diameter casings used for finest in sausages such as Frankfurters, Bockwurst, and Port Sausage. Sheep casings combine tenderness with enough strength to withstand the cooking, filling, and smoking operations. Here are the major advantages of sheep casings, which are not attained with artificial ones. Freshness The natural sausage skin of the sheep casing allows it to remain fresh for a long time irrespective of whether the sausage is stowed or is being grilled. Its capability to produce and sustain heat assures that the sausage remains fresh and juicy for a long time. You also do not have to concern about the flavors getting lost over time as the natural sheep casings will help retain them efficiently. On the contrary, there is no need to add any extra flavors as the sheep casings have aromas of their own. Eye-Catching The natural sheep casings tend to render a more eye-catching and natural look to the sausages both during and after cooking. Also, the multi-size and pliability of these casings provide both manufacturers and buyers plenty of choices. The clientele tends to get more value for their investment as the casings can be optimally filled. Easy to Chew You surely do not like to bite into a synthetic casing that is hard on your teeth. The rigid and hard sensation which might actually put you off from relishing a sausage is thankfully absent in sheep casings. The sheep casings render you a soft and tender bite, and that, along with retained and well-blended flavors, is sure to leave a fantastic lingering taste in your mouth. Variable Permeability As with other collagens, sheep casings are blessed with variable permeability, which in turn permits uniform and even dispersion of smoke all through the sausage. The sausages with the sheep casings will be evenly cooked and beautifully done in a rapid time. The outcome of this characteristic is the tempting and consistent flavor of the sausage. Another significant benefit of variable permeability is that it assures that the smell of the sausage stays put.  

Five Yummiest And Quickest Dishes You Can Make

Nov 9,2020

Sausages are extremely versatile creations as they can be ground, seasoned, chopped, and mixed; on the other hand, it is inexpensive and easy to cook. Sausages can be fused with so many dishes ranging from classic pasta bakes to sandwiches and flatbreads. Its unique taste, texture, tenderness, and colour make it a part of so many different cuisines. Here are some of the yummiest dishes you can make with sausages to delight your dinners. Sausages Rigatoni  This is a type of one-pan dinner which can be combined with boiled rigatoni and fresh, nicely cut sausages and spice it up with fragrant fennel and white wine cream sauce. It can be a midnight treat to your loved one, or it might be the easiest weekend dinner. Fusilli Pasta With Dried Tomatoes And Sausages  All pasta lovers would love this one as this is the easiest and delicious dish you can add to wine and dine your guests. And fortunately, this is the easiest pasta dish, which is an ingenious fusion of spicy Italian sausage, juicy chicken, and flavorful tomatoes; when stirred with mozzarella and finally topped with Parmesan cheese will let you lick your fork. Stuffed Mushrooms With Sausages Yes, you can serve bite-size appetizers as a dish to innovate your dine this week. As it is typically taken as an appetizer, you can present sausage-stuffed mushrooms as the main dish as well, and you can also use portobello caps in place of white button mushrooms. Baked Ziti The ziti works exceptionally well in different cheesy burst baked dishes, which is typical, blasted with marinara sauces and tomato sauces ideal in baked ziti dishes. A crazy addition of sausage chunks can add additional zest to your dining. But you can only make these dishes super delicious by using fresh and organic sausages made from the farmed fresh meet, which you can easily get from Longchang Casing. This company is involved in the manufacturing of sausages casing for many years. And if you are opting to sell sausages, you can also rely on its long-term partner named siber, the major and certified company for sausage packaging and casings.