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  • Salted Hog 34/36mm Thick Casing

Salted Hog 34/36mm Thick Casing

we have a high-quality casing for sausage covered with salt to prevent it from any bacteria. wash before using and fill it up with your hog material. You can also store them after filling the hog material.  


·         Calibers are around: 26/28mmm, 30/32mm, 32/34mm, 34/36mm, 40/42mm and on.

·         Bundle of 90m and can be customized.

·         Hight-quality fresh hog casing.

·         Wash with warm water before use and soak it into the water for 6 to 9 hours (Only wash if you are using).

·         Can be stored for 1 year and more.

·         Worldwide shipping.

·         Test samples will be provided before placing an order. If you have any issues with our sheep casings, we will compensate you completely. 

·         We guarantee you our products are fresh and safe to use.

·         We are having Halal certification along with the HACCP.